Arnold Berliner

  title={Arnold Berliner},
  author={M. V. Laue},
  journal={The Science of Nature},
  • M. V. Laue
  • Published 1 November 1946
  • Biology
  • The Science of Nature
Fiinf Jahre nach .dem Tode ihres Begrfinders kommen die ,,Naturwissenschaften" dazu, seiner in einem Ged~ic~trk%sartikel zu gedenken. Wit wollen versuc,hen, uns einen kurzen Uberbl~ick fiber sein Leben z.~l verschaffen, haupts~ichlieh nach seinen eigenen Angaben und daran anschlieI~enden Anfzeichnungen, welche der Verfasser bald nach Berliners Tod niederschrieb; andere Quellen besitzen wir nieht. 
Eine Enzyklopädie für das Kaiserreich
An Encyclopedia for the Empire. In the preface to the universal encyclopedia Die Kultur der Gegenwart (The Culture of the Present), the editor‐in‐chief Paul Hinneberg places his project – not openly
The Early Electron Microscopes: Incubation
Abstract The German inventor and developer of the electron microscope, Ernst Ruska, characterised the period 1933 to 1937 as an incubation period for the commercial launch of the instrument by
Science during crisis and the Arnold Berliner Award 2020
  • M. Waltert
  • Medicine, Geography
    The Science of Nature
  • 2020
The global COVID-19 pandemic has led to an unprecedented global health crisis with a terrible human toll and it is still unclear whether the lessons learned from this crisis will be applied to other pressing global crises, in particular some of the most considerable challenges of this generation: climate change and the biodiversity crisis.