Arm-bearing Microtubules Associated with an Unusual Desmosome-like Junction

  title={Arm-bearing Microtubules Associated with an Unusual Desmosome-like Junction},
  author={Morton H. Friedman},
  journal={The Journal of Cell Biology},
  pages={916 - 920}
Microtubule fine structure is well documented in many diverse cell types (see reviews by Porter, 1966; Schmitt and Samson, 1969) . In most instances a typical 200-250 A diameter structure is described. Occasionally, additional characteristics such as arms or bridges are seen in cells other than typical flagella and cilia . Selected examples of these include : frog neurotubules (Kohno, 1964) ; axostyle microtubules (Grimstone and Cleveland, 1965) ; tentacle microtubules (Rudzinska, 1965… CONTINUE READING
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