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Arithmeticity of the Kontsevich--Zorich monodromies of certain families of square-tiled surfaces II

  title={Arithmeticity of the Kontsevich--Zorich monodromies of certain families of square-tiled surfaces II},
  author={Etienne Bonnafoux and M. Kany and Pascal Kattler and Carlos Matheus and Rogelio Nino and Manuel Sedano-Mendoza and Ferr{\'a}n Valdez and Gabriela Weitze-Schmithusen},
In this note, we extend the scope of our previous work joint with Bonnafoux, Kattler, Ni˜no, Sedano-Mendoza, Valdez and Weitze-Schmith¨usen by showing the arithmeticity of the Kontsevich–Zorich monodromies of infinite families of square-tiled surfaces of genera four, five and six. 
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