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Aristotle ' s Theory of Comedy : mu ' qo " and kavqarsi "

  title={Aristotle ' s Theory of Comedy : mu ' qo " and kavqarsi "},
  author={Masahiro Kitano},
<193>Aristotle, in his Poetics, claimed that tragedy, “through pity and fear, accomplishes the catharsis of such emotions (di j ejlevou kai; fovbou peraivnousa th;n tw'n toiouvtwn paqhmavtwn kavqarsin) (Poet. 1449b27f.) .” It has been argued that the medical purgation theory of the musical catharsis in Politics is the key phrase for the interpretation of tragic catharsis, where he says, those who are liable to ejnqousiasmov" are, “when they use tunes that violently arouse the soul, [...] thrown… 
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