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Aristotelian poetry

  title={Aristotelian poetry},
  author={Shimon Garti and Saharon Shelah},
We prove the consistency of ( 


Some Principles Related to Chang's Conjecture
The consistency strength of the negation of the transversal hypothesis is determined, finding it to be at least as strong as that of Chang's conjecture. Expand
Polarized relations at singulars over successors
It is proved that μ ℵ 2 → μ ™ 2 2 is independent over ZF for some μ > cf ( μ ) = ω 1 and that both relations areindependent over ZFC. Expand
Combinatorial Set Theory: Partition Relations for Cardinals
Fundamentals about Partition Relations. Trees and Positive Ordinary Partition Relations. Negative Ordinary Partition Relations and the Discussion of the Finite Case. The Canonization Lemmas. LargeExpand
Der Beweis eines Satzes von G. Choodnovsky
  • K. Wolfsdorf
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • Arch. Math. Log.
  • 1980
It is shown that if κ is a weakly compact cardinal then (κ κ+)→(κά), which means that (κ + U)→(U κ) is a normal ultrafilter of the type of cardinal. Expand
Some applications of model theory in set theory
Since I have elected to publish my Ph.D. dissertation (University of California, Berkeley, 1966) with only the most perfunctory of revisions (and the deletion of Chapter 4, the theorems of which willExpand
Polarized Partition Relations and Almost-Disjoint Functions
Publisher Summary Two functions f and g from ω 1 to ω are almost disjoint if [a: f( a)=g(a)] is countable. The nonexistence of a family F of pair-wise almost disjoint functions from ω 1 to ω with| F|Expand
A polarized partition relation for weakly compact cardinals using elementary substructures
  • A. Jones
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • Journal of Symbolic Logic
  • 2006
Abstract We show that if κ is a weakly compact cardinal, then for any ordinals α < κ+ and μ < κ, and any finite ordinals m and n. This polarized partition relation represents the statement that forExpand
Partition relations for cardinal numbers
1. INTRODUCTION In this paper our main object is the study of relations between cardinal numbers which are written in the form a-(b o , b,,. . .) r or a-(b)C ~° or (b) (b o b,) Such relations wereExpand
Some combinatorics involving ultrafilters
Partition relations, Handbook of set theory
  • Vols. 1,
  • 2010