Aristocratic Culture and the Pursuit of Science: The De Broglies in Modern France

  title={Aristocratic Culture and the Pursuit of Science: The De Broglies in Modern France},
  author={Mary Jo Nye},
  pages={397 - 421}
  • M. Nye
  • Published 1 September 1997
  • History
  • Isis
Louis de Broglie received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1929 following experimental confirmation of his theory of the wave properties of the electron. De Broglie was an anomaly among twentieth-century physicists: he was a prince by birth who would become the seventh duc de Broglie. What did it mean to be an aristocrat in an age of science? This essay explores aristocratic culture in France in the early twentieth century and examines the family life, education, scientific practices, and social… 


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Let us begin by considering a series of letters written in 1863 by Max Vigne, a humble imperial surveyor in India, to his wife at home in England. In the course of his affectionate and finely

Quantum Theory at the Crossroads

The 1927 Solvay conference was perhaps the most important meeting in the history of quantum theory. Contrary to popular belief, the interpretation of quantum theory was not settled at this

Cécile Morette and the Les Houches summer school for theoretical physics; or, how Girl Scouts, the 1944 Caen bombing and a marriage proposal helped rebuild French physics (1951-1972).

This article examines the conditions of possibility for the transformation of the summer school for theoretical physics created in 1951 by the young Cécile Morette, and shows how it became an international model, paving the way to new articulations between the local, the national and the global scales, even beyond the Cold War oppositions.

The tragedy of the emeritus and the fates of anatomical collections: Alfred Benninghoff’s memoir of Ferdinand Count Spee

Abstract Retirement can be a significant period in modern academic careers, and emeritus professors have shaped the fates of collections in departments and disciplines. This is evidenced by

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Toby A. Appel is John R. Bumstead Librarian for Medical History at the Cushing/Whitney Medical Library, Yale University, and an associated faculty member of the Program in History of Science and

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Louis de Broglie et la diffusion de la mécanique quantique en France (1925-1960)

Unique francais parmi les fondateurs de la mecanique quantique, Louis de Broglie est une figuremajeure de l’histoire de la physique francaise du XXeme siecle. Il devient grâce a son prix Nobel

DISSERTAÇÃO DE MESTRADO Louis de Broglie e as ondas de matéria

ste trabalho estuda a historia do conceito da dualidade onda-particula, do inicio do seculo XX (trabalhos de Albert Einstein) ate o surgimento da teoria de Louis de Broglie. O primeiro capitulo



Uneasy Genius: The Life and Work of Pierre Duhem.

1. Young Pierre.- Parents, home and early years.- Eyewitness to a fateful year.- College Stanislas.- Life at Stanislas.- Young scholar.- Personal exploits.- Teachers remembered.- Ready for the

On the French communists' adoption of de Broglie's theories see Cushing, Quantum Mechanics

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    On the effects of republicanism and anticlericalism on scientific careers see the cases of Paul Sabatier and Pierre Duhem in, respectively

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    For reminiscences of Maurice de Broglie see Fran,ois Dupre la Tour

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        Lecoq de Boisbaudran was not a member of the aristocracy but from a family in the wine business