Arise 'cliodynamics'

  title={Arise 'cliodynamics'},
  author={Peter Turchin},
Estimating Social Effects for Centralized versus Decentralized Software Systems
This analysis is not meant to predict some precise values over some indicators but rather to predict the value of some comparative measures among indicators.
Earth System Science, Anthropocene Historiography, and Three Forms of Human Agency
This programmatic essay argues that meaningful historical engagement with the Anthropocene begins with recognizing that the concept arises not only from geology but also from Earth System science
Darwinism Without Selection? A Lesson from Cultural Evolutionary Theory
This chapter discusses a series of theoretical and explanatory commitments usually adopted by those that, like cultural evolutionists, aim to extend evolutionary theory to non-strictly biological domains and identifies a class of evolutionary factors that may be actually qualified as Darwinian.
Taxonomies for structuring models for World–Earth systems analysis of the Anthropocene: subsystems, their interactions and social–ecological feedback loops
Abstract. In the Anthropocene, the social dynamics of human societies have become critical to understanding planetary-scale Earth system dynamics. The conceptual foundations of Earth system modelling
Genes, Culture, and History in Coevolution
Complex Systems, Emergence, and Multiscale Analysis: A Tutorial and Brief Survey
This paper provides a tutorial introduction to complex systems and emergence, then presents two multiscale approaches based on adaptive filtering, which is excellent at trend analysis, noise reduction, and (multi)fractal analysis, and one originates from chaos theory and can unify the major complexity measures that have been developed in recent decades.
The Great Escape: A Review Essay on Escape from Rome: The Failure of Empire and the Road to Prosperity by Walter Scheidel (Princeton University Press, 2019)
Author(s): Turchin, Peter | Abstract: A review of Escape from Rome: The Failure of Empire and the Road to Prosperity by Walter Scheidel (Princeton University Press, 2019)
We present an overview of the studies on the Middle Ages that exceeds the traditional chronological milestones of the period. Initially, we present the historiography on the Long Middle Ages, a
Natural Philosophy


Political Violence in the United States , 1819 - 1968
  • 1991