Arise 'cliodynamics'

  title={Arise 'cliodynamics'},
  author={P. Turchin},
Estimating Social Effects for Centralized versus Decentralized Software Systems
Information system development is a result of a complex mix of forces that are controlled by technological issues as well as social, organizational and economic issues. Starting from the need toExpand
The Great Escape: A Review Essay on Escape from Rome: The Failure of Empire and the Road to Prosperity by Walter Scheidel (Princeton University Press, 2019)
Author(s): Turchin, Peter | Abstract: A review of Escape from Rome: The Failure of Empire and the Road to Prosperity by Walter Scheidel (Princeton University Press, 2019)
A socio-technical transitions perspective for assessing future sustainability following the COVID-19 pandemic
Abstract This policy brief argues that the COVID-19 pandemic exposes the fractures in the contemporary global socio-technical order and offers the prospects of several different alternative futures.Expand
CLIOdynamic ARCHaeology: computational approaches to Final Palaeolithic/Early Mesolithic archaeology and climate change
Abstract It is often claimed that changes in material culture signify adaptations to changing environments. Deploying novel conceptual models and computational techniques, research funded by theExpand
Política y decadencia en la trilogía Fundación de Asimov: Toynbee, Spengler y Polibio
Several scholars have analyzed the influence of Toynbee and Spengler, in the well-known saga of the Foundation , written by Isaac Asimov and considered one of the most important of science fiction.Expand
The System Identification and Prediction of the Social Earthquakes Burst in Human Society
It is found that the social evolution system shows self-organized critical behavior and there exists self-similar scaling behavior during the evolution system, which sheds light on the study of wars or conflicts from perspective of data science and dynamical theory. Expand
20,000 years of societal vulnerability and adaptation to climate change in southwest Asia
It is suggested that by appreciating a given locale's place in the regional hydroscape, more robust links to climate can be made where appropriate and interpretations drawn will demand the resolution of factors acting across multiple scales. Expand
Epistemic Respectability in History
How the medium shapes the message: Printing and the rise of the arts and sciences
It is shown that European cities that adopted printing earlier were more likely to become the birthplace of a famous scientist or artist during the years following the invention of printing, and the hypothesis that the introduction of communication technologies can bias historical records in the direction of the content that is best suited for each technology is supported. Expand


Political Violence in the United States , 1819 - 1968
  • 1991