Aripiprazole-related tardive dyskinesia.

  title={Aripiprazole-related tardive dyskinesia.},
  author={Guy Maytal and Michael J Ostacher and Theodore A Stern},
  journal={CNS spectrums},
  volume={11 6},
The low prevalence of extrapyramidal symptoms associated with atypical antipsychotics has led to their widespread use during the past decade. Aripiprazole, the newest medication in this class, has been associated with extrapyramidal symptoms (eg, akathisia) and with improvement of tardive dyskinesia (TD), but to date it has not been associated with the development of TD. We report a case of TD associated with the use of aripiprazole 15 mg/day for 18 months for refractory depression. Symptoms of… CONTINUE READING
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