Arguments concerning Relativity and Cosmology

  title={Arguments concerning Relativity and Cosmology},
  author={O. Klein},
  pages={339 - 345}
  • O. Klein
  • Published 1971
  • Physics, Medicine
  • Science
In the first place I have reviewed the true foundation of Einstein's theory of general relativity, the so-called principle of equivalence, according to which there is no essential difference between "genuine" gravitation and inertial forces, well known from accelerated vehicles. By means of a comparison with Gaussian geometry of curved surfaces—the background of Riemannian geometry, the tool used by Einstein for the mathematical formulation of his theory—it is made clear that this principle is… Expand
Astromechanics of Dual Universe: A New Possible Explanation for the Universe Unsolved Problems
The necessity of the dark energy and dark matter in the present universe could be a consequence of the antimatter elimination assumption in the early universe. Current cosmological models that relyExpand
Why the Big Bang Singularity Does Not Help the Kalām Cosmological Argument for Theism
  • J. B. Pitts
  • Mathematics
  • The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science
  • 2008
The cosmic singularity provides negligible evidence for creation in the finite past, and hence theism. A physical theory might have no metric or multiple metrics, so a ‘beginning’ must involve aExpand
The cosmic asymmetry in matter-antimatter
Abstract Matter preponderates over antimatter in the observable Universe, according to all the astronomical evidence available at present. Current scientific theories attribute this asymmetry to theExpand
On Spacetime Duality and the Astromechanics of a Dual Universe
Recent astronomical measurements of the fine structure constant revealed it varies slightly through specific directions, which could indicate a directional/anisotropic universe. A curvature inExpand
On Spacetime Duality and Bounce Cosmology of a Dual Universe
Precise astronomical measurements of the fine structure constant and universe expansion rate have revealed that they vary through specific directions, indicating an anisotropic universe. TheExpand
Dual Cosmic Horizon Radius of Spacetime Curvature of a Multi-Path Connected Cosmic Topology
The necessity of the dark energy and dark matter in the present universe could be a consequence of the antimatter elimination assumption in the early universe. In this research, I derive a new modelExpand
General Relativity, Mental Causation, and Energy Conservation
The conservation of energy and momentum have been viewed as undermining Cartesian mental causation since the 1690s. Modern discussions of the topic tend to use mid-19th century physics, neglectingExpand
Absolute objects and counterexamples: Jones–Geroch dust, Torretti constant curvature, tetrad-spinor, and scalar density
James L. Anderson analyzed the novelty of Einstein's theory of gravity as its lack of "absolute objects." Michael Friedman's related work has been criticized by Roger Jones and Robert Geroch forExpand
General Covariance, Artificial Gauge Freedom and Empirical Equivalence
by James Brian Pitts This dissertation updates the debate over the nontriviality of general covariance for Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity (GTR) and considers particle physics in the debateExpand
Early Universe Plasma Separation and the Creation of a Dual Universe
The Planck Legacy recent release revealed a closed and positively curved early universe with a confidence level greater than 99%. In this study, the Friedmann–Lemaîtree– Robertson–Walker (FLRW)Expand


The case for a hierarchical cosmology.
Once upon a time philosophers and cosmographers insisted that the motions of the planets must be circular and uniform. An irrelevant aesthetic concept of ‘perfection’ and a more valid mathematicalExpand
Antimatter and Development of Metagalaxy
Elementary particle physics has demonstrated the complete symmetry between particles and antiparticles. From this follows the equivalence between matter and antimatter. It is very unsatisfactory thatExpand
Instead of Cosmology
Cosmology (Cambridge
  • 1952
Sitzungsberchte der Preussichen Akademie der Wissenschaften
  • The Meaning of Relativity
  • 1917
Kosmologische Betrachtungen zur all