Argos: A Novel 3-DoF Parallel Wrist Mechanism


This article presents a novel parallel spherical mechanism called Argos with three rotational degrees of freedom. Design aspects of the first prototype built of the Argos mechanism are discussed. The direct kinematic problem is solved, leading always to four nonsingular configurations of the end effector for a given set of joint angles. The inverse-kinematic problem yields two possible configurations for each of the three pantographs for a given orientation of the end effector. Potential applications of the Argos mechanism are robot wrists, orientable machine tool beds, joy sticks, surgical manipulators, and orientable units for optical components. Another pantograph based new structure named PantoScope having two rotational DoF is also briefly introduced. KEY WORDS—parallel robot, machine tool, 3 degree of freedom (DoF) wrist, pure orientation, direct kinematics, inverse kinematics, Pantograph based, Argos, PantoScope

DOI: 10.1177/02783640022066707

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@article{Vischer2000ArgosAN, title={Argos: A Novel 3-DoF Parallel Wrist Mechanism}, author={Peter Vischer and Reymond Clavel}, journal={I. J. Robotics Res.}, year={2000}, volume={19}, pages={5-11} }