Argonauts of the Western Pacific

  title={Argonauts of the Western Pacific},
  author={Bronisław Malinowski}

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"Masawa - bogeokwa si tuta!": Cultural and cognitive implications of the Trobriand Islanders' gradual loss of their knowledge of how to make a masawa canoe

This chapter describes— how the Trobriand Islanders of Papua New Guinea used to build their large seagoing masawa canoes and make their sails; what forms of different knowledge and

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The family gift-giving process and consumer socialisation: a cross-cultural analysis

The purpose of this research was to establish the link between the family gift-giving process and consumer socialisation in individualistic and collectivistic cultures. Because of the exploratory

Malinowski and Mauss Exchanging Knowledge in Interwar Europe

Bronisław Malinowski sought throughout his career to make a scientific contribution to understanding and reforming the international order by making analogies with ‘primitive’ societies. His

Cooking Energy Nexus in the Policy on Rural-Urban Indices and Climate Change Mitigation in Nigeria

  • T. Olaiya
  • Economics
    Journal of Economics and Sustainable Development
  • 2020
Despite the preponderance of solid fuels as a major source of cooking energy in Africa, mainstreaming their contributions to rural-urban inequalities and climate change in scholarly debates and

Hierarchy and Egalitarianism in Austronesia

ABSTRACT The current collection of articles includes a discussion of Austronesian peoples living in modern nations situated in East Asia, Southeast Asia, Africa and Melanesia. It thus crosses many

Nursing the stigma : conflicting realities of abortion

Anthropology and risk: insights into uncertainty, danger and blame from other cultures – A review essay

In this review, I examine the contribution of social anthropology to the study of risk. I define social anthropology as the study of ‘other cultures’ and note that such studies have a long history,