Argon plasma treatment on metal substrates and effects on diamond‐like carbon (DLC) coating properties

  title={Argon plasma treatment on metal substrates and effects on diamond‐like carbon (DLC) coating properties},
  author={Abdul Wasy and Govindasamy Balakrishnan and S. H. Lee and J. K. Kim and D. G. Kim and T. G. Kim and J. I. Song},
  journal={Crystal Research and Technology},
The diamond like carbon coatings (DLC) of 400 nm thickness was deposited by filtered cathodic vacuum arc system. The argon plasma etched and non‐etched tungsten carbide‐cobalt (WC‐Co) and stainless steel (SUS) were used as substrates. The chromium was deposited as an interlayer for diamond like carbon coatings on the etched and non‐etched WC‐Co and SUS substrates. The present research is to evaluate the effect of argon plasma etching of the substrates on microstructure, tribology and adhesion… 

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