Arginine vasopressin secretion in Kenyan children with severe malaria.

  title={Arginine vasopressin secretion in Kenyan children with severe malaria.},
  author={A. Sowunmi and Charles R Newton and Catherine Waruiru and S Lightman and David B Dunger},
  journal={Journal of tropical pediatrics},
  volume={46 4},
Hyponatraemia is common in African children with severe malaria, but the cause is unknown. We measured plasma sodium (p[Na]) and arginine vasopressin concentrations (p[AVP]) in 30 consecutive children with severe malaria (19 had cerebral malaria), on admission, at 48 and 96 h after admission. Hyponatraemia (p[Na] < 130 mmol/l) occurred in 53 per cent of the children and was unrelated to peripheral parasite density, dehydration or abnormal renal function. The highest p[AVP] were seen in patients… CONTINUE READING

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