Arginine vasopressin: a novel peptide rhythm in cerebrospinal fluid

  title={Arginine vasopressin: a novel peptide rhythm in cerebrospinal fluid},
  author={Steven M. Reppert and William J Schwartz and George R. Uhl},
  journal={Trends in Neurosciences},
Fig. 1. Temporal profiles of vasopmssin in the CSF of cats, rhesus monkeys, and rats studied over a 24 h period in diurnal lighting (12 h light per day). For the cats and monkeys, CSF was collected as 2 h fra~bns; each value is the mean +._ 5EM of five animals. For the rats, vasopressin values are shown as individual data points from the daiS, profiles of 12 rats. Dark portion of the horizontal bar represents the dark period of diumal lighting. (Taken, with permission, from Ref. 12.) The… CONTINUE READING

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