Arginine metabolism in mouse brain synaptosomes.


In a study employing mouse brain synaptosomes and synaptosomal sonicates, the complete metabolic machinery was found to be present for transport of arginine into synaptosomes, its conversion to ornithine, and the formation from the latter of glutamic acid, gamma-aminobutyric acid, and proline. The results show that a delicate balance probably exists between the flows of metabolites. This balance, which probably determines the steady-state levels of these substances in nerve terminals, can be altered by concentrations of the metabolites themselves through feedback inhibition as well as by levels of cofactors.


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@article{Johnson1984ArginineMI, title={Arginine metabolism in mouse brain synaptosomes.}, author={Jenny L Johnson and Eugene Roberts}, journal={Journal of neurochemistry}, year={1984}, volume={42 4}, pages={1123-6} }