Argentine hemorrhagic fever vaccines.

  title={Argentine hemorrhagic fever vaccines.},
  author={Ana Maria Ambrosio and Mar{\'i}a del C{\'a}rmen Saavedra and Mauricio Andr{\'e}s Mariani and Graciela Susana Gamboa and Andrea Soledad Maiza},
  journal={Human vaccines},
  volume={7 6},
Argentine hemorrhagic fever (AHF), an acute disease caused by Junin virus (JUNV, Arenaviridae), has been an important issue to public health in Argentina since the early 1950s. The field rodent Calomys musculinus is JUNV natural reservoir and human disease is a consequence of contact with infected rodents. A steady extention of AHF endemic area is being observed since the first reports of the disease. Important achievements have been made in: (a) improvement of methods for the etiological… CONTINUE READING
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