Argatroban anticoagulation in critically ill patients.

  title={Argatroban anticoagulation in critically ill patients.},
  author={Martin Beiderlinden and Tanja A Treschan and Klaus Goerlinger and J{\"u}rgen Peters},
  journal={The Annals of pharmacotherapy},
  volume={41 5},
BACKGROUND Despite long-term use of argatroban in clinical practice, no dosing recommendations exist for critically ill patients with multiple organ dysfunction (MODS) and suspected or proven heparin-induced thrombocytopenia (HIT). OBJECTIVE To determine the suitability of argatroban use in critically ill patients with MODS and HIT. METHODS We conducted prospective observation of 24 consecutive patients with suspected HIT who were being anticoagulated with argatroban (target activated… CONTINUE READING