ArfGAP family proteins in cell adhesion, migration and tumor invasion.

  title={ArfGAP family proteins in cell adhesion, migration and tumor invasion.},
  author={H. Sabe and Yasuhito Onodera and Yuichi Mazaki and Shigeru Hashimoto},
  journal={Current opinion in cell biology},
  volume={18 5},
The identification of several ArfGAP proteins as binding partners of paxillin, an integrin signaling and scaffolding protein, has suggested the existence of molecular links between integrin functions and intracellular traffic, as proposed by MS Bretscher long ago. Among the paxillin-binding ArfGAPs, AMAP1 has recently been strongly implicated in tumor invasion as well as malignancy, owing to its highly augmented expression in tumors and its direct involvement in invasive activities. Another… CONTINUE READING

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