Arecaceae Fossil Fruits from the Paleocene of Patagonia, Argentina

  title={Arecaceae Fossil Fruits from the Paleocene of Patagonia, Argentina},
  author={Mary K. Futey and Maria Alejandra Gandolfo and Mar{\'i}a del Carmen Zamaloa and Rub{\'e}n C{\'u}neo and Gerardo Cladera},
  journal={The Botanical Review},
We describe fossil fruits collected from outcrops of the Salamanca Fm. (Paleocene, Danian, 63.3–61.9 Ma) at the Estancia Las Violetas locality, Chubut, Argentina that show affinities with members of the Subtribe Attaleinae, Tribe Cocoseae, Subfamily Arecoideae within the Arecaceae. The fossils are preserved as permineralizations, and were examined by longitudinal, tangential and cross-sections, as well as by the application of Computed Tomography Scanning technology (CT Scan). The fruits are… CONTINUE READING