Are variations in gender equality evident in pornography? A cross-cultural study

  title={Are variations in gender equality evident in pornography? A cross-cultural study},
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The Content of Contemporary, Mainstream Pornography: A Literature Review of Content Analytic Studies

Abstract This paper provides a narrative review of recent studies (2005–2020) into the content of contemporary, mainstream pornography. Sex acts, such as vaginal sex, fellatio, and external

A National Prospective Study of Pornography Consumption and Gendered Attitudes Toward Women

Abstract Whether consuming pornography leads to gendered attitudes toward women has been debated extensively. Researchers have primarily studied pornography’s contribution to gendered sexual

Gender (In)equality in Internet Pornography: A Content Analysis of Popular Pornographic Internet Videos

Amateur pornography contained more gender inequality at the expense of women than professional pornography did, according to three main dimensions of gender (in)equality.

Korean Men’s Pornography use, Their Interest in Extreme Pornography, and Dyadic Sexual Relationships

ABSTRACT Objectives: The aim of the study was to assess the connections between pornography use (both frequency and interest in extreme pornography) and dyadic sexual relationships. Methods:

Casual Condomless Sex, Range of Pornography Exposure, and Perceived Pornography Realism

Pornography consumption is becoming more prevalent and may be a source of sexual learning for some users. Because popular male-female pornography rarely includes condoms, communication researchers

Internet pornography: associations with sexual risk behaviour, sexual scripts & use within relationships

The production and consumption of internet pornography is widespread, particularly as a result of its highly available, accessible and anonymous nature. Pornography may be an important influence upon

Pornography and Sexual Violence

The availability, affordability, and accessibility of today’s pornography are ubiquitous. As rates of pornography use and the interactivity of the media have increased, their effects are becoming

Sexual Relationships in Hispanic Countries: a Literature Review

Sexuality is a complex dimension for which culture seems to play an important role, particularly in countries that are more traditional. This review summarizes the knowledge about sexual

Gender ideologies on adult video-sharing websites

Academics have argued for the democratic potential of new media within the field of sexuality and media culture, as these allow to challenge traditional norms of the culture industry. At the same

The Relationship Between Sexual Content on Mass Media and Social Media: A Longitudinal Study

The results suggest that sexual content in mainstream mass media may predict adolescents' sexually oriented behavior on social media and vice versa and adolescents seem to differentiate between types of sexual content when incorporating sexual media content in their sexual behavior online.



Porn 101 : eroticism, pornography, and the First Amendment

Is the sex depicted in pornographic movies a reflection of what happens in real life? Do such movies exploit their female and male actors? Should pornography be held responsible for misconceptions

The Drive for Sexual Equality

The great enigmatic change, according to me, is the transformation from theories and practices of sexual desire that stress the absolute necessity of inequality to those that reject such ideas and

Pornography and Gender Equality: An Empirical Analysis

This paper examines the relationship between the circulation rates of soft‐core pornographic magazines and gender equality in the 50 American states. Gender equality is measured with the Gender

A meta-analytic review of research on gender differences in sexuality, 1993-2007.

Evolutionary psychology, cognitive social learning theory, social structural theory, and the gender similarities hypothesis provided predictions about gender differences in sexuality, which indicated that men reported slightly more sexual experience and more permissive attitudes than women for most of the variables.

Hard Core: Power, Pleasure, and the "Frenzy of the Visible"

In this unprecedented and brilliant study, Linda Williams moves beyond the impasse of anti-porn/anti-censorship position-taking to analyze what hard-core film pornography is and does - as a genre

Pornography, erotica, and attitudes toward women: The effects of repeated exposure

It is a widespread belief that pornography causes negative attitudes toward women, but tests of this belief are contradictory. A large body of research has studied the effect of violent pornography

Attitudes and use of pornography in the Norwegian population 2002

This study described and analyzed use of pornographic material in a representative sample of adult Norwegians by means of a standardized questionnaire administered via personal telephone interviews and identified three dimensions of attitudes toward pornography: pornography as a means of sexual enhancement, pornography asA moral issue, and social climate.

Gender Differences in Pornography Consumption among Young Heterosexual Danish Adults

  • G. Hald
  • Psychology
    Archives of sexual behavior
  • 2006
It is argued that gender differences in social acceptability, adherence to gender stereotypes, traditions of gender sexuality, gender norms, and mating strategies are key factors in understandingGender differences in pornography consumption.

Violence and sexual violence in pornography: Is it really increasing?

The paper reports the findings of a content analysis of all cartoons and pictures in Hustler Magazine from 1974 through 1987, which indicate that sexually violent cartoons and/or pictorials constitute a relatively small proportion of the total cartoons and Pictorials.