Are there behavioural states in the human fetus?

  title={Are there behavioural states in the human fetus?},
  author={Jan G Nijhuis and Heinz R. F. Prechtl and Chester B. Martin and Rob S G M Bots},
  journal={Early human development},
  volume={6 2},
The aim of this study was to search for the existence of behavioural states in the human fetus and to describe their developmental course. In a longitudinal study, 14 low-risk fetuses were studied at 2-week intervals from 32 weeks of gestation onward. Fetal body movements as well as fetal eye movements, visualized by means of real-time ultrasonic imaging, and fetal heart rate patterns, recorded by means of a cardiotocograph, were used as state variables. At 38 and 40 weeks, four distinct… CONTINUE READING

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