Are relevant logics deviant?

  title={Are relevant logics deviant?},
  author={Robert G. Wolf},
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Relevance Logic as a Conservative Extension of Classical Logic
Relevance logic is ordinarily seen as a subsystem of classical logic under the translation that replaces arrows by horseshoes. If, however, we consider the arrow as an additional connective alongside
Dunn's Relevant Predication, Real Properties and Identity
We critically investigate and refine Dunn's relevant predication, his formalisation of the notion of a real property. We argue that Dunn's original dialectical moves presuppose some interpretation of
Deviant logic and the paradoxes of self reference
The paradoxes of self reference have to be dealt with by anyone seeking to give a satisfactory account of the logic of truth, of properties, and even of sets of numbers. Unfortunately, there is no
Relevance Logic and Entailment
Note carefully that the title of this piece is not ‘A Survey of Relevance Logic’. Such a project would be impossible given the development of the field and even the space limitations of this
1. Rivalidad y complementariedad; 2. Cambio de logica, cambio de tema; 3. La rivalidad como fenomeno metateorico. Los campos de aplicacion.
Deducibility Implies Relevance? A Negative Answer (II) (On the Philosophical Status of Relevant Logic)
-This paper is published in two parts, to appear in consecutive issues of CritictJ. The first part covers the Introduction and Section I and II of the Summary detailed in the text. (To help the