Are multiple cryoprobes additive or synergistic in renal cryotherapy?

  title={Are multiple cryoprobes additive or synergistic in renal cryotherapy?},
  author={Jennifer Lee Young and David W. McCormick and Surrendra B Kolla and Petros George Sountoulides and Oskar Grau Kaufmann and Cervando Gerardo Ortiz-Vanderdys and Victor Buu Huynh and Adam Geoffrey Kaplan and Nick S. Jain and Donald Lowell Pick and Lorena Aurora Andrade and Kathryn Elizabeth Osann and Elspeth Marguerita McDougall and Ralph Victor Clayman},
  volume={79 2},
OBJECTIVE To investigate the relationship between multiple cryoprobes was investigated to determine whether they work in an additive or synergistic fashion in an in vivo animal model because 1.47 mm (17-gauge) cryoprobes have been introduced to the armamentarium for renal cryotherapy. METHODS Laparoscopic-guided percutaneous cryoablation was performed in both renal poles of 3 pigs using 3 IceRod cryoprobes. These 12 cryolesions were compared with 12 cryolesions using a single IceRod cryoprobe… CONTINUE READING