Are diamond nanoparticles cytotoxic?

  title={Are diamond nanoparticles cytotoxic?},
  author={Amanda M. Schrand and Houjin Huang and Cataleya Carlson and John J. Schlager and Eiji Omacr Sawa and Saber M. Hussain and Liming Dai},
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Finely divided carbon particles, including charcoal, lampblack, and diamond particles, have been used for ornamental and official tattoos since ancient times. With the recent development in nanoscience and nanotechnology, carbon-based nanomaterials (e.g., fullerenes, nanotubes, nanodiamonds) attract a great deal of interest. Owing to their low chemical reactivity and unique physical properties, nanodiamonds could be useful in a variety of biological applications such as carriers for drugs… CONTINUE READING