Are children susceptible to manipulation? The best interest of children and their testimony

  title={Are children susceptible to manipulation? The best interest of children and their testimony},
  author={Miguel Clemente and Dolores Padilla-Racero},
  journal={Children and Youth Services Review},

Influence of intrafamilial abuse in children's change of values towards their parents

The socialization that parents and society exercise on children instills in them a set of values towards parents. Some of these values are not lying, feeling affection for the parents, and wanting to

Impact of Parental Interference on Children in High Conflict Divorce

Parental interference in high conflict divorce cases continues to evoke much debate among mental health professionals in the forensic psychology field. Although over the past thirty years, some

When courts accept what science rejects: Custody issues concerning the alleged “parental alienation syndrome”

ABSTRACT “Parental alienation syndrome” (PAS) is unscientific and is an affront to children, women who hold the custody of children of separated couples, science, human rights, and the justice system

Definitions and terminology regarding child alignments, estrangement, and alienation: A survey of custody evaluators

A high degree of consensus is demonstrated in the field regarding the basic tenets of PA theory and should guide future trainings of legal and mental health professionals to ensure a common language and understanding of this phenomenon.

The Dark Triad and the Detection of Parental Judicial Manipulators. Development of a Judicial Manipulation Scale

It is found that dark triad traits are adequate indicators of judicial manipulation and the importance of the scale to help the judicial system to determine which parent is the most appropriate to be designated as the legal custodial parent is discussed.

Parental Alienation ( Syndrome )-A serious form of psychological child abuse

The article gives a condensed overview of parental alienation, summarising its definition, the symptoms and the various levels of severity, and describes some major alienation techniques and possible psychosomatic and psychiatric effects of induced parental alienation.

Credibilidad del testimonio de los menores en función de la edad

In the breaks of couples with children, the court must determine the communication system of the child with the parent who does not have his custody. The testimony of minors is a controversial



Parental Alienation Syndrome

On June 14th 2007 a Court of First Instance decision changes the custody of a child and grants it to her father on the grounds that her mother was causing her parental alienation syndrome (PAS). The

MMPI-2 Findings of Primitive Defenses in Alienating Parents

To test the involvement of primitive defenses in Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS), we collected 158 MMPI-2s from court ordered custody evaluations from 7 forensic psychology practices; 76 were PAS

Simulations of child sexual abuse interviews using avatars paired with feedback improves interview quality

We tested whether simulated child sexual abuse (CSA) interviews with computer-generated child avatars could improve interview quality. Feedback was provided not only on question types, as in previous

Descripción del síndrome de alienación parental en una muestra forense

Description of the Parental Alienation Syndrome in a forensic sample. The aim of this paper was to assess the presence of the criteria for Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS) in a sample of families

Studies of independence and conformity: I. A minority of one against a unanimous majority.

The investigations described in this series are concerned with the conditions of independence and lack of independence in the face of group pressure. The abstract temper of present-day theory and

Family Therapy of the Moderate Type of Parental Alienation Syndrome.

Each of the three types of parental alienation syndrome (PAS) warrants a different therapeutic approach, and special family therapeutic techniques warranted in the treatment of families in which the PAS is of the moderate type are described.

Imagination inflation: Imagining a childhood event inflates confidence that it occurred

This experiment asks if imagining events from one’s past can affect memory for childhood events, drawing on the social psychology literature showing that imagining a future event increases the subjective likelihood that the event will occur.

Morality and conformity: The Asch paradigm applied to moral decisions

Morality has long been considered an inherent quality, an internal moral compass that is unswayed by the actions of those around us. The Solomon Asch paradigm was employed to gauge whether moral

Culture and conformity: A meta-analysis of studies using Asch's (1952b, 1956) line judgment task.

A meta-analysis of conformity studies using an Asch-type line judgment task (1952b, 1956) was conducted to investigate whether the level of conformity has changed over time and whether it is related

Semantic integration of verbal information into a visual memory.

The results suggest that information to which a witness is exposed after an event, whether that information is consistent or misleading, is integrated into the witness's memory of the event.