Are There Transit Timing Variations for the Exoplanet Qatar-1b?

  title={Are There Transit Timing Variations for the Exoplanet Qatar-1b?},
  author={Li-Hsin Su and Ing-Guey Jiang and Devesh P. Sariya and Chiao-Yu Lee and Li-Chin Yeh and Vineet Kumar Mannaday and Parijat Thakur and Devendra K. Sahu and Swadesh Chand and Aleksey Shlyapnikov and V. V. Moskvin and Vladimir Ignatov and David Mkrtichian and Evgeny Griv},
  journal={The Astronomical Journal},
Motivated by the unsettled conclusion on whether there are any transit timing variations (TTVs) for the exoplanet Qatar-1b, 10 new transit light curves are presented and a TTV analysis with a baseline of 1400 epochs is performed. Because the linear model provides a good fit with a reduced chi-square of and the false-alarm probabilities of the possible TTV frequencies are as large as 35%, our results are consistent with a null-TTV model. Nevertheless, a new ephemeris with a reference time of T0… Expand


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The value of ∆T as a function of epoch. Triangles are the results derived from light curves in von Essen et al. (2013), squares are the results derived from light curves in Covino et al
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