Are There Multiple Populations Of Fast Radio Bursts

  title={Are There Multiple Populations Of Fast Radio Bursts},
  author={Divya Palaniswamy and Ye Li and Bing Zhang},
  • Divya Palaniswamy, Ye Li, Bing Zhang
  • Published 2017
  • Physics
  • The repeating FRB 121102 (the "repeater") shows {repetitive bursting activities} and was localized in a host galaxy at $z=0.193$. On the other hand, despite dozens of hours of telescope time spent on follow-up observations, no other FRBs have been observed to repeat. Yet, it has been speculated that the repeater is the prototype of FRBs, and that other FRBs should show similar repeating patterns. Using the published data, we compare the repeater with other FRBs in the observed time interval… CONTINUE READING

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