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Are Prisons Obsolete

  title={Are Prisons Obsolete},
  author={Angela Davis},
who are involved in feminist projects should not consider the structure of state punishment as marginal to their work. Forwardlooking research and organizing strategies should recognize that the deeply gendered character of punishment both reflects and further entrenches the gendered structure of the larger society. Women prisoners have produced a small but impressive body of literature that has illuminated significant aspects of the organization of punishment that would have otherwise remained… 
Democracy, Prison, and Public Safety Realignment: Renewing Our Imagination
The American carceral condition has waged a 200-year-old struggle where the lives of the guilty, the innocent, and the victimized have taken center stage in a debate centered on rehabilitation,
Scholar’s Symposium: The Work of Angela Y. Davis
The prison system in the U.S. has come under increasing scrutiny and even broad criticism over the past few years, as incarceration rates have soared and scandals find their way into major national
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Prisons occupy a central place in the American cultural and political landscape. In an attempt to understand the development of the US penal system, which represents the world’s highest incarceration
Race as a Carceral Terrain: Black Lives Matter Meets Reentry
In the United States, racialized people are disproportionately selected for punishment. Examining punishment discourses intersectionally unearths profound, unequal distinctions when controlling for
Reading and Reckoning in a Women’s Prison
�� ��� It’s my time to come out of the wilderness now, and I saw all that in this book. —Denise, incarcerated in a Midwestern women’s prison Since the prisoners’ rights movement of the 1960s and
Prisoner reentry as myth and ceremony
The carceral boom in post-Civil Rights America results not from profit-seeking but from state-crafting. Accordingly, we must slay the chimera of the “Prison Industrial Complex” and forsake its
A Legacy of Supremacy: Prison, Power, and the Carceral Nation
This thesis focuses on the relationship between the prison system and the history of institutionalized racism in the United States. It begins with a detailed historical and political analysis of the
Why prisons are not “The New Asylums”
This paper will offer an antidote to the axiom that jails and prisons are becoming “the new asylums” in the U.S. Without disregarding the reality of having disproportioned numbers of people with
Moving Beyond Retribution: Alternatives to Punishment in a Society Dominated by the School-to-Prison Pipeline
There is a growing national trend in which children and adolescents are funneled out of the public school system and into the juvenile and criminal justice systems—where students are treated as
Denying Responsibility: Sentencers' Accounts of Their Decisions to Imprison
The reasons for dramatic rises in prison populations are the focus of much debate. This paper examines just one of these: the sentencing practices of the judiciary who play a pivotal role both in


Davis Are Prisons Obsolete?
  • 2003
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