Are Narcissists Sexy? Zeroing in on the Effect of Narcissism on Short-Term Mate Appeal

  title={Are Narcissists Sexy? Zeroing in on the Effect of Narcissism on Short-Term Mate Appeal},
  author={Michael Dufner and John F. Rauthmann and Anna Czarna and Jaap J. A. Denissen},
  journal={Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin},
  pages={870 - 882}
This research was aimed to provide a comprehensive test of the classic notion that narcissistic individuals are appealing as short-term romantic or sexual partners. In three studies, we tested the hypotheses that narcissism exerts a positive effect on an individual’s mate appeal and that this effect is mediated by high physical attractiveness and high social boldness. We implemented a multimethod approach and used ratings of opposite sex persons (Study 1), ratings of friends (Study 2), and… 

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