Are Milky-Way-like galaxies like the Milky Way? A view from SDSS-IV/MaNGA

  title={Are Milky-Way-like galaxies like the Milky Way? A view from SDSS-IV/MaNGA},
  author={Shuang Zhou and Alfonso Arag'on-Salamanca and Michael Merrifield and Brett H. Andrews and Niv Drory and Richard R. Lane},
  journal={Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society},
In this paper, we place the Milky Way (MW) in the context of similar-looking galaxies in terms of their star-formation and chemical evolution histories. We select a sample of 138 Milky-Way analogues (MWAs) from the SDSS-IV/MaNGA survey based on their masses, Hubble types, and bulge-to-total ratios. To compare their chemical properties to the detailed spatially-resolved information available for the MW, we use a semi-analytic spectral fitting approach, which fits a self-consistent chemical… 

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