Are Human Beings “By Nature” Bisexual?

  title={Are Human Beings “By Nature” Bisexual?},
  author={Elisabeth Young-Bruehl},
  journal={Studies in Gender and Sexuality},
  pages={179 - 213}
  • E. Young-Bruehl
  • Published 15 July 2001
  • Sociology
  • Studies in Gender and Sexuality
In this paper, I first survey the ways in which bisexuality was understood by late 19th-century sexologists, by Freud and his followers, by Alfred Kinsey, and by contemporary social scientists and political activists. Then the three domains distinguished by Freud in which bisexuality is currently being examined are surveyed: biological bisexuality, psychological bisexuality (in terms of gender), and kinds of object choice. Particular areas of research that indicate how questions about… Expand
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