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Ardea (Purpurea) bournei endémique de l'Ile de Santiago (Archipel du Cap Vert)

  title={Ardea (Purpurea) bournei end{\'e}mique de l'Ile de Santiago (Archipel du Cap Vert)},
  author={R. de Naurois},
A New Subfossil Night Heron and A New Genus for the Extinct Rail Ascension Island, Central Tropical Atlantic Ocean
It is concluded that the similarities between the endemic flightless Ascension Rail Atlantisia elpenor and the genus Atlantisia are due to convergence, and it is placed in a new genus Mundia.
A review of the Santiago Purple Heron Ardea purpurea bournei, with a report of a new colony
Summary The Santiago Purple Heron Ardea (purpurea) bournei is endemic to the island of Santiago, Cape Verde Islands. In contrast to nominate purpurea, it nests high in the crowns of large trees.