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Archiving Deferred Representations Using a Two-Tiered Crawling Approach

  title={Archiving Deferred Representations Using a Two-Tiered Crawling Approach},
  author={J. F. Brunelle and Michele C. Weigle and Michael L. Nelson},
  • J. F. Brunelle, Michele C. Weigle, Michael L. Nelson
  • Published 2015
  • Computer Science
  • ArXiv
  • Web resources are increasingly interactive, resulting in resources that are increasingly difficult to archive. The archival difficulty is based on the use of client-side technologies (e.g., JavaScript) to change the client-side state of a representation after it has initially loaded. We refer to these representations as deferred representations. We can better archive deferred representations using tools like headless browsing clients. We use 10,000 seed Universal Resource Identifiers (URIs) to… CONTINUE READING
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