Architecture from the Ouija Board: Louis Kahn’s Roosevelt Memorials and the Posthumous Monuments of Modernism

  title={Architecture from the Ouija Board: Louis Kahn’s Roosevelt Memorials and the Posthumous Monuments of Modernism},
  author={N. Sully},
  pages={60 - 85}
ABSTRACT In 2012, the USA received its newest Presidential memorial. Four Freedoms Park, designed by Louis Kahn and situated on Roosevelt Island in New York, honours Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the country’s 32nd President. Completed almost seven decades after the President’s death, and four decades after the death of its architect, the project forms one of a growing number of architectural works that can be regarded as what this paper terms “posthumous monuments of modernism,” being projects… Expand


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An example of this is the controversy surrounding the depiction of FDR in a wheelchair. For accounts of the controversy surrounding Halprin's design, see Laurie Olin
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