Architecture for migratory adaptive user interfaces


We propose a new solution named interface client/logic server (ICLS), targeting dialog-based interactive services, supporting user interface (UI) migration, and offering adaptive UIs for devices and services. Constant improvements of technology have brought a large variety of platforms, and that has made userspsila new demands about the services. The first is that the users would like to use services through different devices and modalities depending on their use contexts. The second is that the users would sometimes like to change devices and take their tasks from one to another, which is called UI migration. Our architecture ICLS is designed based on client/server model. In ICLS, we use XML documents written in abstract interaction description language (AIDL) as logical descriptions of UIs, and introduce one of the semantic web technologies adding the function of expressing meanings of interactions.

DOI: 10.1109/CIT.2008.4594717

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