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Architecture Description Languages

  title={Architecture Description Languages},
  author={Stefan Bj{\"o}rnander},
An Architecture Description Language (ADL) is a language designed to model a system. They have often graphical as well as plain text syntax. This paper starts with a brief description of ADLs, and then follows an overview of the popular ADLs on the market of today and conferences about ADLs. Finally, a connection to my own research is described. Table of 
A model-driven deployment approach for scaling distributed software architectures on a cloud computing platform
A model-driven deployment approach to design models of distributed software architectures for web-based software systems in order to support its automatic implementation and its dynamic deployment on a cloud computing platform, using the horizontal scaling tactic. Expand
A General Model Based Engineering Approach to MRO Business Software Applications Using Acme
This study proposes a general Client-Cloud architecture, reflecting the main MRO functional and quality requirements to enhance the business's overall performance and success, and formally defines the model, introduced by the proposed architecture, using Acme as an ADL1010Architecture Description Language. Expand
Recovering and Modeling Sensor and Actuator Architecture in Automotive Embedded Systems
From the past decade onward, a trend has been seen in which the amount of code used in a vehicle is increasing exponentially. Because of this growing factor, the automotive industry is graduallyExpand


An ADL Centric Approach for the Formal Design of Real-Time Systems
This paper presents the REACT project, dedicated to real-time system design, and emphasizes on the ADL of REACT (CLARA), and the validation of functional architectures using formal techniques. Expand
Safarchie Studio: ArgoUML Extensions to Build Safe Architectures
This paper argues that, in order to accrue the true benefits of software architecture approaches, one may need to use an architecture centric approach with a global reasoning, based on architecture types that are points of reference at each step of the reasoning. Expand
An Overview of the SAE Architecture Analysis & Design Language (AADL) Standard: A Basis for Model-Based Architecture-Driven Embedded Systems Engineering
The SAE AADL standard is aimed at supporting avionics, space, automotive, robotics and other real-time concurrent processing domains including safety critical applications. Expand
Pattern-Based Analysis of an Embedded Real-Time System Architecture
The role and benefits of using the AADL in the process of analyzing an existing avionics system, which enables the development and predictable integration of highly evolvable systems as well as analysis of existing systems are discussed. Expand
Deploying QoS Contracts in the Architectural Level
This paper presents an approach to describe, deploy and manage software architectures having dynamic functional and non-functional requirements. The approach is centered on an ADL extended withExpand