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Architectural studies in memory of Richard Krautheimer

  title={Architectural studies in memory of Richard Krautheimer},
  author={R. Krautheimer and Cecil L. Striker and J. Ackerman},
The Conversion of Temples in Rome
The conversion of temples into churches has traditionally been explained as a symbol of Christian triumph over pagan religions. This viewpoint has been called into question by modern scholars whoExpand
Reviving Antiquity with Granite: Spolia and the Development of Roman Renaissance Architecture
Abstract Ancient granite columns have been a pervasive element in the architecture of Rome since the Imperial era. However, in the fifteenth century, just as the effort to revive AntiquityExpand
Cives romani in marmoris arte periti: the Classical World and the Renewal of the Cloister Model in 13th century Rome
An introduction of the cloister in Rome starts in the 12th century (Tre Fontane, S. Lorenzo fuori le mura, S. Cecilia in Trastevere), but it’s only in the 13th century that we find a systematic usageExpand
Rome, pollution, and propriety : dirt, disease, and hygiene in the eternal city from antiquity to modernity
Introduction Mark Bradley and Kenneth Stow Part I. Antiquity: 1. Approaches to pollution and propriety Mark Bradley 2. Pollution, religion and society in the Roman world Jack Lennon 3. PurificationExpand
Abandonment, Authority, and Religious Continuity in Post-Classical Greece
Scholars have frequently invoked the abandonment of Early Christian basilicas in the sixth and seventh centuries as key evidence for the end of antiquity in Greece. The standard narrative treats theExpand
Rezeption und Tradierung als Komplexes Netzwerk. Der CENSUS und visuelle Dokumente zu den Thermen in Rom
Das vorliegende Buch behandelt Phanomene des Nachlebens antiker Monumente in visuellen Darstellungen. Rezeption bezeichnet dabei den Bezug zum gezeigten Gegenstand, Tradierung das Verhaltnis derExpand
Hydraulic Engineering and the Study of Antiquity: Rome, 1557–70*
This article investigates the relationships between hydraulic engineering and antiquarian studies in Rome in the long decade between the devastating Tiber River flood of 1557 and the completion ofExpand
A Probe into the Seismic History of Athens, Greece from the Current State of a Classical Monument
Based on the current deformation of a column of the temple of Olympios Zeus (Olympieion) in Athens, Greece, a backward analysis is performed in an effort to investigate the seismic history of theExpand
Dividing the indivisible: The monastery space - secular and sacred
The spatial dualism, secular - sacred, reflected deeply on the creation of the Byzantine monastery space. My investigation focused on the dualism of monastic spaces and buildings, especially on theirExpand