Architectural Concept of Sustainable Building in Warsaw

  • Katarzyna Zielonko - Jung
  • Published 2009


The idea of sustainability is an important part of contemporary architecture. The paper is a description of an architectural concept as a certain trial of incorporating the idea to a small scale office-residential building in Poland. On the example of the building, the paper is aimed at showing complexity of problems related to the creation of sustainable architecture. Another purpose of the paper is to show a design process in which the final sustainable architecture is influenced by external conditions, general sustainable design targets and sustainable strategy. For this reason the paper is constructed to reflect this process. To show the complexity of the problem, the architecture of the building is analysed in a wide context regarding: urban matters, function, utility process, structure and aesthetics. As the result a general systematic model of sustainable architecture has been created. Keywords—Ecological architecture, sustainable architecture, sustainable building.

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