Archimedes and the elements: Proposal for a revised chronological ordering of the Archimedean corpus

  title={Archimedes and the elements: Proposal for a revised chronological ordering of the Archimedean corpus},
  author={W. Knorr},
  journal={Archive for History of Exact Sciences},
  • W. Knorr
  • Published 1978
  • Mathematics
  • Archive for History of Exact Sciences
SummaryWith the rediscovery by J. L. Heiberg of the manuscript of Archimedes' Method and its publication by him in 1907, a suspicion held for centuries by mathematicians and mathematical historians was at last corroborated by direct evidence: Archimedes had indeed applied in his discovery of geometric theorems a heuristic technique of analysis, although the highly formal synthetic proofs given in their demonstration concealed this fact. Disappointingly little effort has since been made to… Expand
Archimedes' dimension of the circle: A view of the genesis of the extant text
Of all the works in the Archimedean corpus, none has been more widely studied from ancient and medieval times to the present day than the short tract on the measurement of the circle. It was citedExpand
Archimedes’ lost treatise on the centers of gravity of solids
Introductory note. The present paper is one of a series developing out of my study of the chronological ordering of the Archimedean corpus ("Archimedes and the Elements," to appear late this year).Expand
Archimede aristotelico o platonico: "tertium non datur"?
The aim of the present paper is to continue a critical study on Hellenistic Sciences. Such a study began with some previous papers on Euclid, where some remarkable aspects of the AlexandrinianExpand
Dýnamis, the Babylonians, and Theaetetus 147c7–148d7
Abstract Traditionally, the Greek mathematical term dýnamis is interpreted alternately as “square” and “root/side of square.” A survey of the usages of the term and of the related verb dýnasthai byExpand
Thirty years ago, at the end of the sixties, the history of Greek mathematics was considered an almost dosed subject, just like physics was at the turn of the twentieth century. People felt that theyExpand
Reflections on the Scientific Conceptual Streams in Leonardo da Vinci and His Relationship with Luca Pacioli
Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) is perhaps overrated for his contributions to physical science, since his technical approach. Nevertheless important components concerning practical problems ofExpand
Ancient Versions of two Trigonometric Lemmas
To justify certain steps of the computation developed in his Sand-Reckoner , Archimedes cites (without proof) the following inequalities relative to the sides of right triangles: if of twoExpand
Ancient Mixed Mathematics
Greek mixed mathematics, optics, music, astronomy, and mechanics, reached their apex in the Hellenistic era. Their logical structure was quite similar: from some premises of empirical characterExpand
Having a Knack for the Non-Intuitive: Aristarchus's Heliocentrism through Archimedes's Geocentrism
Avant que la legitimite mathematique ait prefere le terme geocentrisme a heliocentrisme, l'hypothese heliocentrique fut attribuee a Aristarque et non a Archimede
History of Greek mathematics: A survey of recent research
Abstract This survey reviews research in four areas of the history of Greek mathematics: (1) methods in Greek mathematics (the axiomatic method, the method of analysis, and geometric algebra); (2)Expand


Spurious theorems in Archimedes' equilibrium of planes: Book I
Among the extant writings of Archimedes are two works on the centres of gravity of plane figures, namely those titled On the Equilibrium of Planes, Books I and II. In Book I Archimedes determines theExpand
Archimedes and the measurement of the circle: A new interpretation
In the third propos i t ion of the Dimensio Circuti, ARCHIMEDES established 3-~ as an upper bound , 3~7~ ° as a lower b o u n d for the ra t io of the perimeter to the diameter of the circle.Expand
Archimedes and the spirals: The heuristic background
Abstract In his work, The Method , Archimedes displays the heuristic technique by which he discovered many of his geometric theorems, but he offers there no examples of results from Spiral Lines .Expand
The History of the Calculus.
All too often, the history of a field is little known to its present practitioners. Therefore, we hope this section will provide information that is both useful and entertaining to those concernedExpand
A history of Greek mathematics
A text which looks at the history of Greek mathematics - a subject on which the author established a special authority by his succession of works on Diophantus, Apolonius of Perga, Archimedes, EuclidExpand
Mathematics in Aristotle
This text provides scholarly information on the history of mathematics and mathematical terminology. Sometimes, as in the case of the Mechanics, a brief summary of the argument is given or else theExpand
Der Begriff des Schwerpunktes bei Archimedes
In den mathematischen Arbeiten des Archimedes spielt der Schwerpunktsbegriff eine ganz besonders grose Rolle. Nicht nur, das Archimedes das Genre der Schwerpunktsbestimmungen ebener und raumlicherExpand
On Burning Mirrors