Archaeology of Atlantic Africa and the African Diaspora

  title={Archaeology of Atlantic Africa and the African Diaspora},
  author={Akinwumi O. Ogundiran and T{\'o}y{\`i}n F{\'a}lol{\'a}},
  journal={African Diaspora Archaeology Newsletter},
Contents Preface Part 1. Introduction 1. Pathways in the Archaeology of Transatlantic Africa Akinwumi Ogundiran and Toyin Falola Part 2. Atlantic Africa 2. Entangled Lives: The Archaeology of Daily Life in the Gold Coast Hinterlands, AD 1400-1900 Ann Brower Stahl 3. Living in the Shadow of the Atlantic World: History and Material Life in a Yoruba-Edo Hinterland, ca. 1600-1750 Akinwumi Ogundiran 4. Dahomey and the Atlantic Slave Trade: Archaeology and Political Order on the Bight of Benin J… Expand
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