Arc welders' respiratory health evolution over five years

  title={Arc welders' respiratory health evolution over five years},
  author={Jean M Mur and Q. T. Pham and Dan B. Teculescu and N. Massing and Christian Meyer-Bisch and Jean J Moulin and Pascal Wild and Martine Leonard and J. C. Henquel and Vincent Baudin and Margarita Betz and Jacopo Maria Fontana and J. P. Toamain},
  journal={International Archives of Occupational and Environmental Health},
SummaryThe respiratory health of 138 arc welders and 106 control subjects in the same company was studied in 1981 and in 1986. Most of the subjects welded mild steel using the Metal Inert Gas (MIG) process. The controls were workers in the same company, not exposed to any known pulmonary risk. The welders and controls in the analysis had not changed their professional activity nor their smoking habits during these five years. The examinations consisted of a questionnaire on respiratory symptoms… CONTINUE READING