Arbitrary helicity control of circularly polarized light from lateral-type spin-polarized light-emitting diodes at room temperature

  title={Arbitrary helicity control of circularly polarized light from lateral-type spin-polarized light-emitting diodes at room temperature},
  author={Nozomi Nishizawa and Masaki Aoyama and Ronel Christian Roca and Kazuhiro Nishibayashi and Hiro Munekata},
  journal={Applied Physics Express},
We demonstrate arbitrary helicity control of circularly polarized light (CPL) emitted at room temperature from the cleaved side facet of a lateral-type spin-polarized light-emitting diode (spin-LED) with two ferromagnetic electrodes in an antiparallel magnetization configuration. Driving alternate currents through the two electrodes results in polarization switching of CPL with frequencies up to 100 kHz. Furthermore, tuning the current density ratio in the two electrodes enables manipulation of… 

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We numerically investigate characteristics of spin-controlled vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers (spin-VCSELs) under injection locking by using spin-flip rate equations. Generation of a

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Semiconductor spin lasers are distinguished from their conventional counterparts by the presence of spin-polarized carriers. The transfer of angular momentum of the spin-polarized carriers to photons

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This work numerically investigates spin-controlled vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers (spin-VCSELs) for local oscillators, which are based on an injection locking technique used in coherent optical communications, and verifies that the frequency-shifted LO used for the homodyne detection of optical data signals with no degradation.

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Lateral-Type Spin-Photonics Devices: Development and Applications

This review describes the functions in practical CPL applications in terms of Compactness and integrability, stand-alone (monolithic) nature, room temperature operation, emission with high circular polarization, polarization controllability, and CPL detection.

High Circular Polarized Nanolaser with Chiral Gammadion Metal Cavity

A circularly polarized laser with the metal-gallium-nitride gammadion nanocavities is demonstrated, without external magnetism which breaks the time-reversal symmetry to favor optical transitions of a chosen handedness.



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We fabricated a (110)-oriented vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser (VCSEL) with GaAs/AlGaAs quantum wells (QWs) and characterized the lasing properties of the VCSEL under optical spin injection.

Pure circular polarization electroluminescence at room temperature with spin-polarized light-emitting diodes

Very surprising experimental results of pure circular polarization electroluminescence at room temperature with no external magnetic fields from GaAs-based spin-polarized light-emitting diodes (spin-LEDs) are reported.

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The device demonstrates a route to exploit the valley degree of freedom and the possibility to develop a valley-optoelectronics technology and reports an electrically switchable, circularly polarized light source based on the material’s valleydegree of freedom.

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We report on photon-spin controlled lasing oscillation in GaAs surface-emitting lasers at room temperature. We demonstrate experimentally that the partial electron-spin alignment, created by

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The field of magnetoelectronics has been growing in practical importance in recent years. For example, devices that harness electronic spin—such as giant-magnetoresistive sensors and magnetoresistive

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A handedness-switchable chiral metamaterial for polarization modulation employing vertically deformable Micro Electro Mechanical Systems is demonstrated, providing a practical and compact polarization modulator for the terahertz range.

Electrical spin injection in a ferromagnetic semiconductor heterostructure

Conventional electronics is based on the manipulation of electronic charge. An intriguing alternative is the field of ‘spintronics’, wherein the classical manipulation of electronic spin in

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By simply doping the conventional light-emitting polymer F8BT with a helically chiral aromatic molecule, it is shown that substantial levels of CP-electroluminescence can be generated directly. Both