Arbitral Award on the Subject of the Difference Relative to the Sovereignty Over Clipperton Island

  title={Arbitral Award on the Subject of the Difference Relative to the Sovereignty Over Clipperton Island},
  author={Victor Emmanuel},
  journal={American Journal of International Law},
  pages={390 - 394}
  • Victor Emmanuel
  • Published 1 April 1932
  • History
  • American Journal of International Law
Admitting that the discovery of Clipperton Island was first made by Spanish subjects, it would be necessary, to establish Mexico's claim to it, to prove that Spain not only had the right to incorporate the island in hver possessions, but also had effectively exercised the right. That has not been demonstrated at all. Mexico's claim based on an historic right is not supported by any manifestation of her sovereignty over the island. The regularity of the act by which France made known, in a clear… 
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