Araldite as an Embedding Medium for Electron Microscopy

  title={Araldite as an Embedding Medium for Electron Microscopy},
  author={Audrey M. Glauert and RewritingJ. Glauert},
  journal={The Journal of Biophysical and Biochemical Cytology},
  pages={191 - 194}
Epoxy resins are suitable media for embedding for electron microscopy, as they set uniformly with virtually no shrinkage. A mixture of araldite epoxy resins has been developed which is soluble in ethanol, and which yields a block of the required hardness for thin sectioning. The critical modifications to the conventional mixtures are the choice of a plasticized resin in conjunction with an aliphatic anhydride as the hardener. The hardness of the final block can be varied by incorporating… CONTINUE READING