Arachidonic acid protection of rat gastric mucosa against ethanol injury.

  title={Arachidonic acid protection of rat gastric mucosa against ethanol injury.},
  author={Daniel den Hollander and Andrzej S. Tarnawski and Kevin J. Ivey and A DeZeery and Robert D. Zipser and W. N. McKenzie and W D McFarland},
  journal={The Journal of laboratory and clinical medicine},
  volume={100 2},
AA, an essential dietary fatty acid, is a precursor for synthesis of prostaglandins. The ability of prostaglandins to protect the gastric mucosa against ethanol injury prompted us to investigate the possibility of AA providing similar protection in the rat. AA or its solubilizer were instilled intragastrically 60 min prior to absolute ethanol. The gastric lining was examined at 3 and 15 hr after the administration of ethanol. The extent of damage was assessed both macroscopically and… CONTINUE READING