Arabs in Europe: Arguments for and against integration.

  title={Arabs in Europe: Arguments for and against integration.},
  author={Gordon Sammut and Sandra Jovchelovitch and Luke Joseph Buhagiar and Giuseppe Alessandro Veltri and Rozlyn Redd and Sergio Salvatore},
  journal={Peace and Conflict: Journal of Peace Psychology},
The recent wave of immigration across European countries has precipitated an unprecedented political crisis in many Western countries. This is compounded by the fact that the large majority of these migrants originate from Arab countries. Research has demonstrated that Arabs are devalued relative to other socioethnic groups. The present study sought to investigate representations of Arabs and their integration. Twenty-one interviews conducted in Malta were used to analyze the logic and… 
There’s no such thing as a good Arab: Cultural essentialism and its functions concerning the integration of Arabs in Europe
Concerns about immigration are salient in the European Union and in Malta in particular. Previous research has demonstrated deep antipathy towards the Arab community in Malta, and social
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A passage to Malta. The health and wellbeing of foreign children in Malta
THE HEALTH AND WELLBEING OF FOREIGN CHILDREN IN MALTA An open and child-friendly country as Malta aspires to be, can never be a passive recipient of immigratory flows. The physical passage to Malta


study neglects to analyse the state’s recent shift to far more accommodating legislation during the last decade. It also includes very little discussion of city and county-level policies that target
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Preface Introduction 1. Fields of argument and modals 2. Probability 3. The layout of arguments 4. Working logic and idealised logic 5. The origins of epistemological theory Conclusion References
Islamophobia in the West: An introduction
Argumentation analysis
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