Arabidopsis cytokinin-resistant mutant, cnr1, displays altered auxin responses and sugar sensitivity


Based upon the phenotype of young, dark-grown seedlings, a cytokinin-resistant mutant, cnr1, has been isolated, which displays altered cytokinin- and auxin-induced responses. The mutant seedlings possess short hypocotyls and open apical hooks (in dark), and display agravitropism, hyponastic cotyledons, reduced shoot growth, compact rosettes and short roots with increased adventitious branching and reduced number of root hairs. A number of these features invariably depend upon auxin/cytokinin ratio but the cnr1 mutant retains normal sensitivity towards auxin as well as auxin polar transport inhibitor, TIBA, although upregulation of primary auxin-responsive Aux/IAA genes is reduced. The mutant shows resistance towards cytokinin in hypocotyl/root growth inhibition assays, displays reduced regeneration in tissue cultures (cytokinin response) and decreased sensitivity to cytokinin for anthocyanin accumulation. It is thus conceivable that due to reduced sensitivity to cytokinin, the cnr1 mutant also shows altered auxin response. Surprisingly, the mutant retains normal sensitivity to cytokinin for induction of primary response genes, the type-A Arabidopsis response regulators, although the basal level of their expression was considerably reduced as compared to the wild-type. The zeatin and zeatin riboside levels, as estimated by HPLC, and the cytokinin oxidase activity were comparable in the cnr1 mutant and the wild-type. The hypersensitivity to red light (in hypocotyl growth inhibition assay), partial photomorphogenesis in dark, and hypersensitivity to sugars, are some other features displayed by the cnr1 mutant. The lesion in the cnr1 mutant has been mapped to the top of chromosome 1 where no other previously known cytokinin-resistant mutant has been mapped, indicating that the cnr1 mutant defines a novel locus involved in hormone, light and sugar signalling.

DOI: 10.1007/s11103-006-9032-z

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