Arabidopsis Pht1;5 plays an integral role in phosphate homeostasis.

  title={Arabidopsis Pht1;5 plays an integral role in phosphate homeostasis.},
  author={Aaron P Smith and Vinay K. Nagarajan and Kashchandra G. Raghothama},
  journal={Plant signaling & behavior},
  volume={6 11},
The mobilization of inorganic phosphate (Pi) in planta is a complex process regulated by a number of developmental and environmental cues. Plants possess many Pi transporters that acquire Pi from the rhizosphere and translocate it throughout the plant. A few members of the high-affinity Pht1 family of Pi transporters have been functionally characterized and, for the most part, have been shown to be involved in Pi acquisition. We recently demonstrated that the Arabidopsis Pi transporter, Pht1;5… CONTINUE READING