Arabic Pharmacognostic Literature and Its Jewish Antecedents: Marwān ibn Ǧanāḥ (Rabbi Jonah), Kitāb al-Talḫīṣ

  title={Arabic Pharmacognostic Literature and Its Jewish Antecedents: Marwān ibn Ǧanāḥ (Rabbi Jonah), Kitāb al-Talḫīṣ},
  author={Gerrit Bos and Fabian K{\"a}s},
  journal={Aleph: Historical Studies in Science and Judaism},
  pages={144 - 229}
  • G. Bos, Fabian Käs
  • Published 19 March 2016
  • Art
  • Aleph: Historical Studies in Science and Judaism
Marwān ibn Ǧanāḥ, known in the Jewish tradition as Rabbi Jonah, is renowned for his works on Hebrew grammar and lexicography, which he composed in al-Andalus in the first half of the eleventh century. Less well known is a fundamental work he composed on the nomenclature of medicinal drugs, the Kitāb al-Talḫīṣ (Book of the Commentary). This text was deemed to be lost until a complete manuscript was discovered in Istanbul in the 1970s (MS Ayasofya 3603). The authors, who are currently preparing… 
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