Arabic Learning for Academic Purposes

  title={Arabic Learning for Academic Purposes},
  author={Ahmad Fatoni},
  • A. Fatoni
  • Published 25 November 2019
  • Education, Computer Science
This study aimed to determine the goal of teaching Arabic for Academic purposes. Teaching Arabic for non-Arabic speakers is generally divided into two types: Arabic language for life, which is a public program in which multiple attributes are related. Learning Arabic is only intended to communicate with Arabic in different situations of life. The second type is Arabic language programs for special purposes, including Arabic for academic purposes (AAP), Arabic for Businessmen People (ABP… 

Academic Language Functions In Arabic Research Articles

The writers were seen to be successful in conveying the function of academic language in their writing by using appropriate vocabulary and sentences according to the function they wanted to share.

Analysis of Arabic Language Learning at Higher Education Institutions with Multi-Religion Students

Arabic language learning, in Indonesia, is commonly addressed to those with Islamic Religion. However, there are several problems associated with learning this language in higher education

Arabic Language Learning Curriculum Islamic Boarding School System

This article aims to find out about the Arabic language curriculum development model at Madrasah Aliyah Al-Falah Gorontalo. This research uses the type of field research or field research. The

Mediated Arabic Language Learning for Arabic Students of Higher Education in COVID-19 Situation

The COVID-19 emergency situation has affected all citizens of the world, including Indonesia and also all non-formal and formal educational institutions, such as higher educations. The Learning

Development of Pictorial Textbook for Arabic Speaking Skill in Islamic Studies Program

This research offered solutions and answers to the textbook problems of Arabic learning in the Arabic language development program at Islamic Studies Faculty of Universitas Muhammadiyah Malang. The

Academic Language Register In Arabic Articles From Al-Majallah Al-Urduniyyah Fi Al-Ulum Al-Tarbawiyyah

This study falls under discourse analysis studies, focusing on using the academic register in Arabic research articles. Language register refers to using a form of language in a specific context. The

Learning of Imla’ Using Flashcards on Writing Skill at Islamic Elementary School Level in Samarinda

There are some language skills, one of them is writing which has the steps of learning a foreign language. Writing skill has the most difficult skill. The use of instructional media has functions to

Amplification and Description Techniques in the Translation of Arabic Phrases in Matan Al-Ghayah wa Al-Taqrib

This research described the use of amplification and descriptions techniques in the translation of Arabic phrases in the reading of Matan al-Ghayah wa al-Taqrib by Ahmad Ma'ruf Asrori to describe the quality of the text that is seen from the aspect of readability.

Implementation of Integrative Arabic Grammar (Nahwu & Sharaf) Curriculum in Islamic Boarding School

Learning Nahwu & Sharaf is considered a frightening subject by students in Islamic boarding schools and informal Islamic boarding schools. One of the reasons is that the institution's existing

Interrogative Sentence: A Contrastive Study of Arabic and Indonesian

The result shows that similarity concept between Arabic and Indonesian is many shown on matā, ayna, limādzā, and hal, while differences between both of them are shown on mā, man, ayy, and kayfa.



تعليم اللغة العربية للناطقين بغيرها بين الأغراض الخاصة وأغراض الحياة: مقاربة نظرية وتطبيقية وآفاق مستقبلية/Teaching the Arabic Language for Non-native speakers in between Special and General Life purposes: A theoretical and applied approaches, and future

ملخص البحث: يهدف هذا البحث إلى إجراء مقارنة تفصيليّة بين تعليم اللغة العربية للناطقين بلغات أخرى، للأغراض الخاصة، وتعليمها لأغراض الحياة (الأغراض العامة)، مع إجراء دراسة ميدانية على عينة من متعلمي

سرادلماب ةيبرعلا ةغللا ملعت يف ةبلط لويم نع ةلاح ةسارد ةطسوتلما تابو جنلاامب ةيملاسلإاو

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ةصاخ ةيميداكأ ضارغلأ ةيبرعلا ةغللا ميلعت

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